Online Marketing Degree

The University of San Diego offers an eight-month certificate program that will help you develop and deploy successful online marketing strategies. Homeschooling: Homeschool applicants must provide the equivalent of a high school transcript with course or subject titles, duration of study for each title, content of study for each title, and an assessment of performance or grade.” Preferably, the courses completed at home are part of a curriculum developed and evaluated by a nationally recognized diploma-granting organization or agency.

The Master in Strategic Marketing specializes in integrating the fundamental concepts involved with the system of thought, action and Marketing Management in the XXI century, as part of an integrated approach to strategic management in business organizations and public nonprofit and non-profit, and the different processes, techniques and tools that can be useful to efficiently conduct the same.

Students that plan to undertake the Google Online Marketing Challenge are encouraged to complete the Digital Marketing Course, as the skills learned in this course will help them shape their strategy for the competition, get the most out of AdWords for their business partner and help prepare them for the Google Partners AdWords Certification exams.

Includes one-on-one interviews, group interviews and workshops with a company’s senior management, marketing and sales, operations and service stakeholders with a goal of understanding the business strategy, challenges and opportunities, products, organization, processes, supply chain and vendors, distributors, customers, and competitive landscape, as well as the potential role of their online assets.

The Division of Online and Professional Studies is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs ( ACBSP ). As part of the on-going accreditation process, regular reports are submitted which identify, among other things, our plan for assessing student learning, faculty qualifications, and the deployment of faculty resources.